Our advisors provide guidance on the best way to handle

getting relief from your federal student loan burden.

Looking for Student Loan Relief?

Our consulting services will assist you to:

  • Take advantage of federal programs

  • Find the best options available for your situation

  • Make your federal student loan debt manageable

  • Get your loans out of default status

  • Stop and remove wage garnishment

Our document services include:

  • Application assistance 

  • Disability claim assistance

  • Forgiveness application assistance

  • Stop or prevent wage garnishment

  • Prevent tax refund loss

About our Services

Let us help you achieve relief or freedom from the burden of your student loan debt. There are federal programs that provide ability for many student loan borrowers to modify, consolidate or even obtain forgiveness of their student loans. Our talented team of advisors can help make such relief a reality by helping you find the right program and navigate the maze of paperwork and hurdles involved with those programs. We would be honored to assist you with this step toward your financial wellness or even freedom.

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Our processing department is authorized and accredited by the Consumer Loan Bureau with an A+ Rating.

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Carefree Advisors, LLC believes that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing is vital to the success of our company.


We will help you find the best options that may be available for your current needs.

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